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Day three, the North team was in full pads again. For the most part, players have been consistent this week. Those that have been having solid practices, continue to do so, and those who have underwhelmed, continue to do so as well. There were a couple of surprises though. Below is a quick run down of what I saw from the North team (via NFL Network) during their morning practice session.

The Good:
1. Oklahoma State RB, Kendall Hunter – This guy is turning some heads. Despite his lack of size, he is one of the most physical players on the North team at the skill positions. Today he put his fantastic pass blocking abilities on display, consistently stone walling linebackers at the point of attack. During team portions of practice, Kendall brought an extra spark to the offense. I liked Hunter before the Senior Bowl, but I like him even more now.

2. Cal DE, Cameron Jordan – I am running out of compliments to give Jordan. Again, he showed excellent pass rushing ability during practice. During the team portion of practice, I saw Jordan get into the backfield quickly on numerous occasions. If that would have been a real game, Jordan would of had a couple of sacks.

3. Wisconsin OT, Gabe Carimi – Carimi is showing some versatility at the Senior Bowl. The coaches have him playing at three different positions, both tackle positions and guard. I’ve been impressed with Carimi’s strength and ability to sit in the seat and anchor against power rushers. I went into the Senior Bowl having questions about his technique against speed rushers. I saw him over extend his arms a bit during the season, and unfortunately there aren’t really any speed rushers at the Senior Bowl to answer that question.

The Bad
1. Oklahoma RB, Demarco Murray – Murray definitely looks the part of a NFL RB, but i’m not sure he will be a good one. He’s very good at catching the ball out of the backfield, but he isn’t showing that explosiveness that NFL Backs needs. He also had a poor showing during pass protection drills. He continually dropped his head and failed to anchor. Right now, he is being out-shined by Kendall Hunter.

2. Colorado OT, Nate Solder – Solder faced off against Kerrigan quite often in today’s practice, and Kerrigan consistently got the better of him. He beat him with inside moves and outside moves. Most consider Solder to be the best OT in the draft. If he wants to maintain that label, he will need to be better than what he showed today.


Coaches and GM’s are scouring hotel lobbies and practice fields, trying to secure private interviews with players at the Senior Bowl. Unfortunately, due to school obligations, my colleague and I were not able to attend the Senior Bowl festivities, to see who’s talking to who. Do not fret though. has hit the ground running in Mobile, AL and they’re providing some good and in-depth Senior Bowl Coverage. They have a chart of what teams are talking to what players. I’ve taken the liberty to add a few more names that I know of. Scroll down to check it out and be sure to pay a visit to


Baltimore Ravens New Orleans Saints
Mike McNeill Lee Smith
Jalil Brown Phil Taylor
Da’Norris Searcy Chris Nield
Austin Pettis Ian Williams
Vincent Brown Roy Helu, Jr.
Stephen Schilling Christian Yount
Marcus Gilchrist Kansas City Chiefs
Greg Salas Luke Stocker
Alex Henery Quinton Carter
Jeremy Kerley Cameron Jordan
Carolina Panthers Quinton Carter
Patrick Peterson Anthony Castazno
Pernell McPhee Stephen Schilling
Dane Sanzanbacher Jason Pinkston
Rashad Carmichael Dwayne Harris
Lee Ziemba Kris O’Dowd
Oakland Raiders Bilal Powell
Allen Bailey Cleveland Browns
Roy Helu, Jr. Courtney Smith
Joe Lefeged Kendall Hunter
Kendric Burney Rashad Carmichael
Casey Matthews Sione Fua
San Diego Chargers Mason Foster
Allen Bailey Alex Henery
Roy Helu, Jr. Derek Sherrod
Bilal Powell DeAndre McDaniel
Marcus Gilchrist Josh Jasper
Danny Watkins Bilal Powell
Minnesota Vikings James Carpenter
Lance Kendricks Arizona Cardinals
Colin Kaepernick Von Miller
Lee Smith Eric Hagg
Owen Marecic Philadelphia Eagles
New York Jets Marcus Gilchrist
Kendric Burney Jalil Brown
Lee Smith Kendall Hunter
Cameron Jordan Derek Sherrod
San Francisco 49ers Ahmad Black
Vincent Brown Bilal Powell
Christian Ballard New England Patriots
Alex Henery Ahmad Black
Jacksonville Jaguars
Edmund Gates
K.J. Wright

Senior Bowl Day-2: Practice Observations

Posted: January 26, 2011 by Larry McDaniel Jr. in Practice Coverage

Day two, the players dressed in full pads and went at it. Things seemed to go smoother during practice. There was more rhythm and chemistry displayed on the field. There are some highly impressive guys on both teams. It’s nice to get a chance to see players for the first time, see players you are familiar with work their technique and go against the best of best. Let’s take a look at who impressed and who didn’t  fare so well.

The Good

1. Cal DE, Cameron Jordan – Again, Jordan has been unlockable. He has the quickest, most active, and violent hands i’ve seen in a long time. His stock is sky-high right now. I’ve always been high on him, and now teams are starting to show a lot of interest in him. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, I think Jordan will be a top 10 pick.

2. Baylor DT, Phil Taylor – I’ve been critical of Taylor all season, but he is showing some impressive athleticism and strength at the Senior Bowl. They guy has been immovable at the point of attack. Im still concerned about his game conditioning and tendency to play high, but so far, this guy has been lights out. He is slowly making his way into late first round consideration.

3. Florida S, Ahmad Black – Say what you want about his size, the kid is a player. Loose and fluid in coverage. Showed some excellent balance and coverage skills in practice. He might now go as high as a player with his skills should, but a team is going to get a gem when they pick Black.

The Bad

1. Miami DE, Allen Bailey – There are always a few freaks of nature Adonis’s at the Senior Bowl. This year that plays is, Allen Bailey. He looks the part. The guy is in excellent shape, but doesn’t flash much on the field. He’s lacking as a pass rusher and run defender. His stock is dropping at the moment.

2. Toldeo OC, Kevin Kowlaski – Kowlaski lacks the arm length, and it showed. He struggled on day-2. Defensive players consistently beat him in 1-on-1 drills and team drills.

3. Florida State QB, Christian Ponder – Ponder looked mediocre in practice. I question his arm strength and accuracy. The quarterback class isn’t overly special this year, so Ponder needs to pick it up because teams are looking for quarterbacks.

The Ugly

Oklahoma DE/OLB, Jeremy Beal – Every draftnik is wrong from time to time. I came into the Senior Bowl very high on Jeremy Beal. I loved the fact that he played standing up at Oklahoma, and thought of him as a possible strong side OLB in the 3-4. Unfortunately, Beal has underwhelmed. He looks out-of-place out there. I keep seeing him on the ground, he looks slow off the ball, and isn’t as strong as you would think for being a gym rat. I might have to jump off the bandwagon soon.

It was the first practice of three for the North Squad, and you could tell. Players were out of rhythm and looking to shake off the rust. There were however some outstanding performances, and then there were some sub par performances. Let’s take a look at some of the players that caught my eye.

Note: Unfortunately, school starts back this week, so I was not able to attend the Senior Bowl practices. All of my observations come from watching the practices via NFL Network.

The Good
1. Boise State WR, Titus Young – Showed amazing speed and quickness on the practice field today. Consistently got behind the secondary and put 3-5 yards of separation between him and the nearest defender. Did drop a couple of balls, but that’s to be expected on the opening day of practice.

2. Cal DE, Cameron Jordan– Jordan was exceptional today. Showed up great in all phases of practice. Was very impressive during 1-on-1 offensive linemen/defensive linemen drills. Dominated offensive linemen with excellent hand placement, quickness and strength. He was by far the most impressive defensive linemen for the North team.

3. San Diego State WR, Vincent Brown – This was my first time getting the opportunity to see him play, and he impressed. Showed excellent route running ability, and was sure handed. Did a fantastic job at plucking the ball out of the sky. Also showed some ability to run by defenders and get deep.

The Bad
1. Washington QB, Jake Locker – Locker was erratic throughout practice. At one point he hit 5 straight passes during 1-on-1 receiver/defensive back drills. Then at another point, he threw an interception and missed on consecutive throws. He’ll need to show better accuracy as the week progresses.

2. Oklahoma DE/OLB, Jeremy Beal – During 1-on-1 offensive linemen/defensive linemen drills, Beal looked sluggish and un-athletic. He had a hard time getting off the snap and running the boot. He even got pancaked during the drill.

3. Boise State WR, Austin Pettis – Pettis showed good hands, but looked slow in and out of his breaks. He also did poorly on deep routes. At one point, he ran a poorly execute 9-route. He got bodied on the play by Quinton Carter, and ended up on the ground.

2011 Senior Bowl: All You Need To Know

Posted: January 24, 2011 by Larry McDaniel Jr. in Practice Coverage

The Senior Bowl is by far the most intriguing and important offseason All-Star game. This is the game that all the scouts, coaches, personnel men, and media attend. This is where they gauge the talents of some of the best college football players in the nation. In the Senior Bowl, top talented is pitted against one another. Many of the players participating are thought of as first round picks. During the week, NFL Network will be showing the practices of both the North and south teams. Below are links to the rosters, and the dates and times of each event.
North Roster, North Coaching Staff, South Roster, South Coaching Staff

Monday, Jan 24
3:30p – College Football – Senior Bowl Practice
8:30p – Path to the Draft: Senior Bowl

Tuesday, Jan 25
11:00a – College Football – Senior Bowl North Team Practice
5:00p – College Football – Senior Bowl South Team Practice
8:30p – Path to the Draft: Senior Bowl

Wednesday, Jan 26
11:00a – College Football – Senior Bowl North Team Practice
5:00p – College Football – Senior Bowl South Team Practice
8:30p – Path to the Draft: Senior Bowl

Thursday, Jan 27
11:00a – College Football – Senior Bowl North Team Practice
5:00p – College Football – Senior Bowl South Team Practice
8:30p – Path to the Draft: Senior Bowl

Friday, Jan 28
No Programming Scheduled

Saturday, Jan 29
3:30p – Senior Bowl Preview
4:00p – College Football – 2011 Senior Bowl