About Us

LARRY MCDANIEL JR. – Co Founder and Editor of PRO Prospects

I reside in the lovely, but eccentric city of Berkeley, California. Currently attending Berkeley City College, with hopes of transferring to the University of Berkeley California, with a focus in Physical Science. Berkeley isn’t known for its sports. It is known for science research, protesting, and hippies. Nonetheless, football does exist here. My love for football started at an early age and manifested in to my sole passion during high school. I attended Berkeley High School and played running back and will outside linebacker. I have aspirations of coaching/scouting collegiately or professionally. I am currently in the process of looking for a local high school coaching position, in order to cultivate and expand my knowledge of the game.

JURDON GOLDEN – Co Founder and Author of PRO Prospects

I am a Bay Area native, currently attending Cal State East Bay, finishing a degree in Finance and Corporate Management this year. I would like to attendUniversity of San Francisco Masters Program in Sports Management, and pursue a career as an Athletic Director or General Manager for a football or baseball organization. I am a sports fanatic that eats, breaths, and lives sports 24/7. I played baseball for 15 years, but have a huge passion for football as well. I am currently looking to obtain a position in the front office of a professional sports team, or an assistant job, working directly under an athletic director at a university.