Torrey Smith Scouting Report

Posted: January 11, 2011 by Larry McDaniel Jr. in Prospects 41-50, Wide Receivers
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#49 WR, Torrey Smith (6’0 200 lbs.) – Maryland Terrapins

Separation Skills/Route Running: Uses his speed and quickness to separate from defenders. Still developing as a route runner. With improvement, he could gain even more separation. Really excels at separating from defenders when running deep and crossing routes. Needs to be sharper in his cuts and breaks, He often rounds them off. Gets choppy feet when gearing down on comeback routes.

Ball Skills: Doesn’t possess the size of receivers ahead of him in this draft class, but that doesn’t stop him from meeting the ball at its highest point. Does a good job at timing his jumps perfectly and getting to the balls apex before the defender does. Has an explosive burst immediately after securing a catch. Is a reliable pass catcher, but isn’t a hands catcher. Catches a ton of balls with his forearms and body. Needs to trust and rely on his hands more than his body. Does a nice job adjusting his body to over/under throws. Shows good awareness and body control on sideline catches.

Big play ability: With acceleration and excellent top end speed, Smith makes a ton of plays all over the field. Has the ability to take a bubble screen or drag the distance, or catch the deep ball. Does well with the ball in his hands. Is an excellent return man. Can make defenders miss in open field with above average elusiveness. Is a smooth runner and makes it look effortless.

Competitiveness/ Toughness: Competes for every ball thrown his way. Breaks up potential interceptions. Some what of a cerebral player. Is not overly vocal. Doesn’t run many routes over the middle of the field. Seems to always avoid big contact. Not the type of player to put his head down and gain extra yards.

Intangibles: Named to the ALL-ACC First Team. Not the typical diva receiver. Good teammate. Has already graduated with a degree in criminal science. Quiet, modest and humble athlete.

Overall Stock: Torrey Smith has the unfortunate opportunity to follow behind former teammate Darrius Heyward-Bey. Smith has similar speed, and will be marked as a Heyward-Bey clone. That is not the case though. Smith is a fast football player. Heyward-Bey is a fast guy playing football. Don’t expect Smith to make the huge first round leap that Heyward-Bey did. The Raiders don’t have a first round pick, and teams will be very cautious. Unlike most speed receivers, Smith has some size to him, that allows him to play outside the hashes. If Smith can continue to develop, he’ll be a fringe first round selection. If he runs a 4.3 forty at the combine, teams picking in the back quarter of the draft may take a chance on him. Smith has the ability to come in and make plays right away. 

NFL Comparisons: Pierre Garcon and Roddy White

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