Ryan Mallett Scouting Report

Posted: January 7, 2011 by Jurdon Golden in Prospects 21-30, Quarterbacks
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#30 QB, Ryan Mallett (6’7 238 lbs.) – Arkansas Razorbacks

Toughness/Leadership: A very tough and competitive guy on and off the field. A vocal leader that takes commands of the huddle, and has the ability to will his team to victories. A pure pocket passer that will stare down the gun barrel and take the hit in order to make the play. Shows leadership in big games, but some of his numbers don’t reflect this. Needs to work on his facial expressions and emotions. Can read his feelings just by looking at his body language and face.

Intelligence/Decision Making: Very intelligent quarterback with lots of experience in the pro-style system. Will look defenders off. Use his check downs, and throws the ball to the open receiver. Does have the tendency to try to force some balls into tight windows because of his arm strength. Looks for the big play too often. Has an incredible arm and is a true believer in it. Makes his poorest decisions when faced with pressure. Tends to throw interceptions when the pocket isn’t clean.

Accuracy: Needs to improve on his accuracy tremendously if he wants to succeed at the next level, specifically on the move accuracy. Has a below average completion percentage compared to other quarterbacks. Has the ability to fit balls into tight windows, with what some would argue is the strongest arm in the draft. Also displays excellent touch and pinpoint accuracy on fades, corner routes and deep balls. Accuracy takes a nose dive when he is faced with pressure. Bad foot work leads to bad throws. He doesn’t do a good job of resetting his feet after being moved off of his initial spot. Needs to do a better job of hitting receivers in stride and allowing them to run after the catch.

Release/Arm Strength: Has a very natural over the top delivery, paired with his 6’7 frame. Makes it very difficult for linemen to bat balls down. Has the strongest arm of any quarterback in the draft. Release is a bit slow, but should not be a huge problem with work and repetition at the next level.

Pocket Mobility: Does not possess any athleticism outside of the pocket. In the pocket he side steps well, while keeping his eyes down field. Has a hard time running away from defenders due to a lack of speed. Extending plays ability is below average.

Intangibles: Leader on and off the field. Does a lot of community work. There are questions about off the field issues and attitude problems.

Overall Stock: Mallett does possess the size, the arm strength, and touch to make it at the next level. Question marks rose when Michigan coaches said Mallett left with an attitude and on bad terms. Also, many scouts question whether he has enough athleticism to be effective in the NFL. If Mallett has a hard time escaping and making plays when faced with NCAA pressure, how will he fare when the best of the best are relentlessly pursuing him all game, in the NFL? Mallett had a good season. His stock is up, but it is down. With Stanford Quarterback, Andrew Luck staying at school, Mallet moves up in the ranks. But, after his bowl game performance, the world got to see all of his flaws. 

NFL comparisons: Drew Bledsoe and Byron Leftwich

  1. Theamishpimp says:

    Good article. I’d love a comparison to a current or past NFL player and a guess on whether he’ll make it.

  2. I know Jurdon sees a little bit of Carson Palmer in him. I think he’ll succeed if he gets the opportunity to play behind an excellent line. If the team that drafts him has a poor line, expect poor poor play from him.

  3. Jurdon G says:

    Def agree this guy can be good at the next level with a line that gives him time. If not you’ll see Drew Bledsoe reincarnated, he’ll get beat up back there.

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