A.J. Green Scouting Report

Posted: January 6, 2011 by Larry McDaniel Jr. in Prospects 01-10, Wide Receivers
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#4 WR, A.J. Green (6’4 208 lbs.) – Georgia Bulldogs


Separation Skills: Quick feet and active hands when faced with man coverage. Excellent route running. Light on his feet. Can gear down and stop on a dime when running comebacks and curls. Takes only the necessary steps needed when coming out of his breaks. Can run every route in the route tree. Long strides equate to 4.3 speed and 4.3 speed allows him to get behind cornerbacks and safeties.

Ball Skills: Makes it look easy. Catches the ball effortlessly. Awesome at the jump ball. Elevates and catches the ball at it’s highest point. Elite hands. Excels at tracking the ball in the air. Can twist and adjust his body to under/over throws. Has a keen sense for knowing when a jump is needed and not needed. Even with his thin frame, secures the ball well. Loose hips allow him to change directions effortlessly, and get to balls that normal receiver can’t get to.

Competitiveness/Toughness: His slight frame does not stop him from going over the middle to catch balls. Can take a hit and keep going. Has a nice stiff arm. Fights for all balls that come his way. Does an excellent job on crash down blocks, but needs to learn how to sustain blocks, especially in open field.

Big play ability: Sneaky elusive. Can take a check down or slant the distance. Uses a nice stiff arm to gain extra yardage. Elite top end speed. Can get down the field in a hurry. The combination of his speed and ball skills makes him nearly un-coverable. A double team is required or else Green will make you pay with putting seven up on the board.

Intangibles: Good student. Was suspended for four games in 2010 for selling a game worn jersey to an agent.

Overall Stock: Stock is sky rocketing. Teams have not been this excited about a receiver since Calvin Johnson. Many analyst are calling Green the best receiver to come out since Randy Moss. That remains to be seen, but Green is surely is impressive. Since Stanford quarterback, Andrew Luck decided to return to school, A.J. Green is in play for the number one pick overall. Expect teams to look to move up to acquire him. He was suspended in 2010, but it looks like that was an isolated incident. He will perform well at the combine and pro day, so i fully expect for his stock to continue to rise, if it can rise any higher than it already is. 

NFL Comparison: Randy Moss


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