Blaine Gabbert Scouting Report

Posted: January 4, 2011 by Larry McDaniel Jr. in Prospects 01-10, Quarterbacks
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#6, Blaine Gabbert (6’5 240 lbs.) – Missouri Tigers

Toughness/Leadership: Plays through injuries. Has not missed a game due to them. Has total command of the offense in the huddle and at the line. Very vocal. Will get in players faces when needed. Does a good job of firing guys up on the sideline.

Intelligence/Decision Making: Very intelligent player, but comes from a spread offense. Has little experience with reading coverages. Doesn’t have to go through progressions often. Ball usually comes out quickly due to one on one match ups and receivers becoming open immediately after the snap. Decision making is above average, but will make the occasional poor one. Sometimes fails to throw the ball away, avoiding a sack. Will also force a throw here and there. Very decisive passer. Knows where the mismatches lie and gets the ball out to his receivers quickly.

Accuracy: Extremely accurate. This is probably Gabbert’s best quality. Hits receivers in stride and has the ability to throw receivers open. Can hit the deep ball consistently. Has shown time and time again that he can make all the throws. His speciality is the 10-15 yard out. Has good ball placement. Keeps the ball away from defenders while giving his receivers a shot at making the catch. Throws well and maintains accuracy while throwing on the move. When faced with pressure, will throw off of his back foot, causing some inaccuracies in his throws.

Release/Arm Strength: Uses a 3/4 release point that’s technically sound. Incredibly strong arm. Spins the ball with the best of them. Can fit the ball in tight spaces. Has enough arm strength to complete any pass asked of him.

Pocket Mobility/Mobility: Not overly athletic but can scramble and avoid the rush. Has the ability to pick up first downs with his legs. Needs to learn how to step up into the pocket instead of running out of it. Slides his feet well and keeps focus down the field. Does a good job of extending plays.

Intangibles: Has two years worth of starting experience. Academic All-American. All-Big 12 Honorable Mention

Overall Stock: Gabbert is an interesting prospect. Over the last week or so, he has become a hot topic within scouting circles. Possesses all the tools necessary to become a productive NFL quarterback. Even though his stock is rapidly rising, there are concerns. Gabbert plays in a spread offense. He has little to no experience with taking snaps under center, reading coverages, or going through progressions. Also doesn’t have the experience with taking pressure while in his drop back. He will need to work extremely hard prior to the combine on his 3,5,7 step drops. Footwork is key. It is the most important thing for a quarterback, so Gabbert has some work to do. Nonetheless, the arrow is pointing up for Gabbert. I fully expect him to learn everything he needs to, and come off the board within the top 10 picks. 

NFL Comparison: Josh Freeman


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