BCS: Win One For The Lil’ Guys

Posted: January 1, 2011 by Larry McDaniel Jr. in Larry’s Halftime Huddle
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All year, no. for the past few years, the nation has been disrespecting schools who dont receive an automatic bid to the BCS (ala Boise State and TCU). Well today, TCU showed the nation why the lil’ guys are not to be disrecpted anymore. In 2007, Boise State defeated Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. It was a big win for the program, but not one that the nation took seriously. Boise State won by executing a beautiful rendition of the statue of liberty play. While the game provided many highlights, it failed to provide the type of convincing win that most people needed to see, in order for them to believe that smaller schools can compete with bigger schools. Wisconsin headed into today’s Rose Bowl game as the hottest team in the nation (outside of Oregon and Auburn). Many critics believe that if a playoff were to ensue ths year, the Badgers would of had a solid chance at winning the whole thing. No one was talking about TCU though. I mean for gods sake, they did go 12-0 this season.

So, TCU went into today’s Rose Bowl with a chip on their shoulders and a few monkeys on their backs. They were playing for all the “lil’ guys” around the nation. The game got off to a fierce start, on both sides. After the first quarter though, TCU’s top ranked defense buckled down and took the game over. In the forth quarter, the clock struck four zeros and TCU had won it’s first Rose Bowl. It’s nice to see a smaller school win the most covenant bowl game. Im sure all the small schools watched with great pride and tears amongst their ducks. I’ve grown tired of the TCU’s and Boise States of the world being ignored. They deserve a shot at the National Championship, like everyone else. I guess until we get a playoff system, the world will have to settle for them chopping down these bigger schools like they’re red wood trees. Once enough trees fall and the forest becomes a bit emptier, someone will have to take notice, and give these smaller schools a chance at the big one.


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